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So why would two women travel 6,300 miles to spend one evening at the Tony

award winning Old Globe Theater? Is it the character of the Cassius Carter

Centre stage, or the excitement of front row seats? It is neither. They are

on a pilgrimage to experience the intensity of actor Reed Diamond, currently

playing the dual role of Walker/Ned in the Pulitzer prize-nominated Three

Days Of Rain.


And how did these two, from opposite coasts of the country, conspire to plan

this massive road trip? They met on the Internet.


It all started when Toni Pebbles, a paralegal from San Francisco, posted an

electronic message to The Homicide: Life On The Streets listserv group. She

was looking for local natives going to see Diamond perform on June 19th, or

anyone who wanted to share a coffee afterwards to discuss his appearance.

This message was sent to approximately 350 electronic mailboxes in 15

different countries. Additional information was then posted, forwarded from

the newsgroup. It was the press release taken from the

theater web page, found at


All of these communications hit the computer mailbox of Amy Huck, who runs a

product brokerage business out of her home in south central Pennsylvania.

She began a digital dialogue with Pebbles, whose enthusiasm was so

contagious, she also bought a single, front row ticket to the event. Huck

then quickly researched the theater's location in Balboa park, secured and

purchased the lowest cost airfare, and located discount lodging

accommodations-all on the web.


So who is Reed Diamond, where is the homicide, and what is a listserv group?

Diamond is a classically trained actor and graduate of Julliard, who for

three memorable seasons played Det. Mike Kellerman on the Emmy award winning

NBC series Homicide: Life On The Streets. The Barry Levinson drama, popular

with the critics and loyal fans, has a resolute presence on the Internet.

Numerous web pages, bulletin boards, newsgroups and mailing list groups are

dedicated to the story line, characters and actors in the program. While

sitting in these parking lots of the global highway, fans share unsolicited

opinions, ask questions or provide spoilers and sightings to other fans, or

lurkers, in their forum.


And Reed Diamond, with his gritty and convincing portrayal of Homicide's

tormented Mike Kellerman, captures the greater part of the hypertext on

these pages.


So why is Diamond the focus of this cybernetic fascination? Besides being

drop-dead gorgeous (as described by Executive Producer Tom Fontana and

endorsed by TV Guides "Most Memorable Faces"), he is foremost an exceptional

actor. Diamond has appeared in a number of television series and movies, and

has amassed an impressive list of credits in film and theater as well. He

does an extraordinary job as the narrator of David Simon's book "Homicide: A

Year On The Killing Streets", from which the television series was based.

Even enemy netizens of the Kellerman character are convinced of his skills

as an accomplished actor.


What motivates these women to champion a local theatrical production, where

the ticket cost is a fraction of their expense and the play's duration a

significant portion of their time spent in San Diego? As artists and

published authors, on this subject both Pebbles and Huck agree.


As a performer, Diamond draws them into the character and story, acting as a

conduit for them to enter whatever world his character is in. They admire

his intensity, physical presence, passion and focus, drawing them out of

their lives, and into the character's moment. Because Reed Diamond has the

ability to be in the moment.


Huck, who adamantly avoids network television, began watching Homicide after

recognizing Baltimore's venerable Fells Point, where it is filmed on

location. The locale got her attention, but the shows writing, acting,

directing and production made her a devotee. Being positively wired herself,

Huck appreciates the shows strong presence on the Internet. NBC also took

note, and created a web-based version called "Second Shift", which had a

storyline crossover with its television counterpart. This may have been why

in Electronic Media's Semiannual Critics Poll, TV Writers named Homicide

their favorite series for three years in a row.


And Pebbles and Huck aren't the only charged Homicide/Diamond fans. For

several years, many of them converge on the charmed harbor city for two

events: Homicide Live and Homicon. Homicide Live is a variety show performed

by the television cast for the benefit of the Fells Point Creative Alliance.

Homicon is an international conglomeration of web-based fans that spend

their Columbus Day weekend in Fells Point. Huck, who lives 75 miles north,

frequently travels to "Balmer", where she buys coffee at the Daily Grind and

eats lunch at the Waterfront Bar-both cast favorites and locations used in

the series. Pebbles regretted missing these events, so attending Diamond's

performance was imperative.


But what has made the fans totally iconoclast is that even after winning

numerous honors, including two Emmy and three Peabody awards, NBC Executives

have dropped Homicide from its Friday night line-up. Huck has since noticed

an increase in web-based Homicide discussions while now boycotting network

TV. Though Homicide fans had less than a week to digest the news of the

show's cancellation prior to its finale, they immediately responded a with a

wired-roots campaign to save Homicide. A web site ( was

quickly created in an attempt to organize fans. The site asks them to sign a

petition, take out advertisements in the newspaper, contact Network

Executives and clog the bandwidth with Homicide discussions.


What do the two pilgrims desire to take with them from this journey?

Pebbles, a veteran of Community Theater in San Francisco, hopes to get an

autograph for herself and some friends. Huck would like a photograph with

Pebbles and their favorite actor Reed Diamond. Using a digital camera of

course, so she can instantly download it over the Internet.


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